Trane Cemetery

Trane Cemetery was created after the burial act of 1853 which authorised the provision of municipal burial grounds by every local authority within the UK. it opened in 1910 and to date has had over 12900 burials and is home to the Villages War Memorial.




Memorial Inspection Notice

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Application for Interment Form

Permit to Erect Memorial

Application for Approval of Memorial & Inscription - with 1 Owner

Application for Approval of Memorial & Inscription - with 2 Owners

PEDESTRIAN ACCESS   March to September

Monday - 10am to 7pm

Tuesday - 10am to 7pm

Wednesday - 10am to 7pm

Thursday - 10am to 7pm

Friday - 10am to 7pm

Saturday - 10am to 7pm

Sunday - 10am to 7pm

PEDESTRIAN ACCESS   October to February

Monday - 10am to 4pm

Tuesday - 10am to 4pm

Wednesday - 10am to 4pm

Thursday - 10am to 4pm

Friday - 10am to 4pm

Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - 10am to 4pm



Monday - 10am to 4pm

Tuesday - 10am to 4pm

Wednesday - 10am to 4pm

Thursday - 10am to 4pm

Friday - 10am to 1pm

Saturday - 8am to 12noon

Sunday - closed to all vehicles



Palm Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Palm Sunday - 10am to 4pm

Fathers Day - 10am to 1pm

Mothers Day - 10am to 1pm

if your researching your family history and want information on a burial in Trane contact the clerk to the council on

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The Tonyrefail & District Community Council will endeavour to meet the requirements of a bereaved family and accommodate specific needs where possible.

When can burials take place?

Burials can take place on weekdays, except bank holidays, subject to availability (Friday Afternoon and  Saturday Morning incur an additional fee). 

Buying a grave

When purchasing a grave at the time of a burial, your funeral director will normally help you make the necessary arrangements. You can contact the cemetery office direct if you wish to make your own arrangements. Whichever method you choose, it is advisable to view the section of cemetery where the burial is to take place beforehand. A member of staff will meet you on site to assist you with this.

What exactly will I own?

You will have bought the right to bury a coffin or casket containing cremated remains (appropriate to the plot), in the grave space designated on the deed issued. No other person can authorise the future disturbance of the grave without your permission for the length of time given on the deed.

You will have also bought the right to place a memorial on the grave (subject to approval). No other person can authorise a memorial to be erected without your written permission.

Although you have bought the right to use the grave, the land itself still belongs to the council.

What is Tonyrefail & District Community Council responsible for?

The grave space will be topped up to the normal ground level as the soil sinks over the coming months.

When it is appropriate, the grave will be turfed.   The grass will be maintained by the Council.

We will take every care when excavating graves surrounding yours. However, in the course of excavation, it may well become necessary to place soil on your grave, or to move machinery over it. If this is necessary, we will make every effort to protect the area and re-instate it as quickly as possible.

What is the grave owner responsible for?

You are responsible for the safekeeping of the deed supplied to you. You are responsible for any memorial you place on the grave. This means that you are liable for any damage caused to the memorial by any person, any item or any act of God. The only exception to this is damage caused to the memorial by an employee of the Council, which will be rectified via our own insurance scheme.

You are also responsible for the long-term safety of any memorial you placed on the grave. Many people have been injured and even killed by unstable memorials in cemeteries. You are liable for the maintenance of the memorials to ensure the safety of all users of the cemeteries.

You are strongly advised to insure any memorials. Your mason will supply details.


How long can I buy a grave for?

New deeds issued by the Council are issued for 50 years from the date of purchase. Any graves purchased previously from the Council will have the details of ownership on the deed.

What types of graves are available?

  • lawn graves

  • cremation plots


Family history searches - searching for a grave

Staff will be pleased to assist you with family searches, but this may not always be immediately possible due to other priorities. 

Please note you will need as much accurate information as possible, including:

  • name of deceased – surname and forenames if possible

  • age

  • address at time of death or burial

  • date of death or burial

  • cemetery where interred

  • any further details which may help with the search

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